2019 WCS Carbon Zero Seatpost - 30.9 - 400mm - Zero Offset

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OE Overstock - No Packaging

The redesigned Zero post offers no-slip saddle engagement and high adjustability by securing the rails with fore and aft bolts. Whether you're hitting rough singletrack or remounting in a hurry, this ensures the saddle stays exactly where you want it.

Material: carbon fiber
Diameter: 30.9mm
Total length: 400mm (including 100mm of minimum insert)
Offset: zero
Saddle clamp: 2-bolt fore/aft
Saddle clamp torque: 7Nm (max)
Seat collar torque: 6Nm (max) / 7Nm (max) for Ritchey steel frames
Weight: 220g
Color: matte UD carbon finish